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These are links to other sites
or just really inspirational photos and videos. 

These have good things to show you. 
If you have comments about what you see,
send us an e-mail.

Grounding and Chakra Balancing Meditation – Debra Berndt
Meditation is a basic part of receiving spiritual messages.  Being grounded and balanced is essential.

Return of the Cicadas - Samuel Orr (7:24)
Time lapse photography is inspiring life portrait.

Amazing resonance experiments
Changing frequencies changes patterns.

The earth from the International Space Station

Official Hubble Telescope Link

NASA - Saturn Aurora

Native American 10 Commandments
Great Philosophy and Music

Vibrational Energy
This is a physical demonstration of
the effects of energy upon water.

The Top 10 Hubble Telescope Pictures
This will help you get a sense of the beauty of the
Universe and the Creation.  It will also put the
importance of our earth and each person in a
more realistic perspective.

One Page Link to the Whole Bible

This is a link to the New International Version of the Bible.
It lists every chapter in every book.

My Stroke of Insight 
This is outstanding.  A woman neuro-anatomist talks
about her stroke and its beautiful impact on her life.

Columbus Dispatch Article

This is another view of the Church.  God is Love.  The rest is up to you.