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Purification Ritual


Purification Ritual

I look to the East at Sunrise
for inspiration to follow the Spirit Path

I look to the South at Midday
for strength and endurance

I look to the West at Sunset
with gratitude to the Spirit Guides and Teachers

I look to the North at Midnight
for rest and for healing

I look within
for courage and commitment

I look to the Infinite
for enlightenment and enfoldment

All this I will do to the best of my ability.

Rev. Jim Hetzer

The Chakras
Red is for the creative life force - C note
Orange is strength and endurance - D note
Yellow is for upliftment - E note
Green is for healing - F note
Blue is for purification - G note
Indigo is for inspiration - A note
Violet is for enlightenment - B note
White is for protection
of the body, mind and spirit