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The transformation of Jacob - a transgender story of a little girl that wanted to be a boy

DeWitt Jones - Celebrate What's Right with the World.  A beautiful video that is needed more than ever today.

The Amazing Child without Limits - she never said "I can't".  This is the story that has amazing events guided by divine intervention.  Her story is as amazing as she is.

Nigerian children singing Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
Nigeria is in the midst of terrible genocide and wars.  These children sing first in their native tongue and then in English.

Steve Harvey - Things My Mother Taught Me
Steve talks about lessons from his mother and how faith has helped guide his life.

Because Who is Perfect?
Brave people show the world truth in beauty and beauty in truth.

CocoCola Ad shows life event
One the border between Pakistan and India, a transparent wall is erected so that people from these two countries can interact.

Mother hears her daughter's heart again. 

A 13 year old daughter dies in a skiing accident.  Organs are donated, and the daughter's mother meets the heart recipient and listens to her daughter's heart.

Every person you meet is for a reason - (3:55)
This is a short discussion of why people come into and go out of our lives.

Ode to Earth - Grahmbo Productions

Peter Schwartzberg - Gratitude

A beautiful set of images with commentary by a young child and an old man

Peter Mayer - Holy Now
Performed by Troubadours of Divine Bliss

The man who would not give up
A gulf war veteran that overcame great odds to redefine himself. 

Alexander Tsiaris - Conception to Childbirth - Visualization
This provides images from initial conception through birth using the latest scientific techniques.  It affirms the divinity of the process.

David Scarbrough - Beautiful Life Meditation

Jill Bolte Taylor My Stroke of Insight
This is an amazing spiritual account of a scientist
that had a major stroke and her recovery.

Arthur's Story - Never, Ever Give Up
A veteran that was injured regains his life through
the work of a dedicated yoga teacher.

The Power of Your Words
A great example of how different words
carry much different emotions. 

Lightworkers Calling
Beautiful thoughts and music.

Symphony of Science - The Greatest Show on Earth
A video about evolution

Steve Jobs - How to live before you die
Three life stories that shaped his life.  He remains an
inspiration and a wise leader for us all.

Angel Caught on Camera
This is an image from a hospital security camera
and the story of a miracle recovery of a
very ill girl.

Emmanuel Kelly - Imagine
This is an amazing rendition of
John Lennon's Imagine, with an
equally amazing story.


40 Pieces of Advice
If you have a mouse with a trackball or
roller, use this to advance the slides.


Autistic Man Receives Help
Singing the National Anthem.


Caroline Casey:  Looking past limits 18:19

Raised by her parents to never accept limitations,
Caroline found out she was legally blind at 17.


Stanley McChrystal: Listen, learn…then lead 15;39

This US Army general has great insights into
the commitment that it takes to be a leader.


Dalai Lama’s 18 Rules for Living
Good thoughts and nice photographs.

Muhammed Ali - Recipe for Life
More than just a fighter, Muhammed Ali
endured because he cared for people and
he had the courage to stand for his beliefs.

Dewitt Jones - More than One Right Answer  
A unique perspective of how to
achieve our maximum potential.

Carl Sagan - The Frontier is Everywhere
Hope lies in the changes we will make.  This is
part 1 of a series.

The Sagan Series (part 2) – Life Looks for Life

The quest to find other beings.


The Sagan Series (part 3) – The Reassuring Fable

This is a look at some of the stories we tell
ourselves about our specialness in the Universe.


Carl Sagan – The Pale Blue Dot 9:34

Carl Sagan was a very spiritual person that
saw proof of the Creator in the Universe.

God Loves Everyone
Ron Sexsmith's beautiful
song about all inclusive spirit

Lighthouse Wisdom
This contains wisdom from both
Eastern and Western sages.

Mind Codes
It is all about what you believe.

Tribute to Mother Teresa
This is a collection of quotes from
a woman that would not be stopped.

10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening
If you are going through a bunch of changes,
you are not alone.  This will help you relax.

The 9 Timeless Secrets to be Happy
Brian Vaszily of IntenseExperiences.com
Happiness is in your mind, not outside.

The Lightworker Calling - Part I
A great description of lighteworking,
and an invitation to serve others.

Suzi Hendricks
Allow Me to Inspire You
This has a great message with images
and music.

Heather L. Tapia - Achieving Abundance
5 clear steps to help you achieve what
you already deserve from the Universe.