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Support Services


This page is dedicated to organizations that provide special support services to people with diseases or special circumstances.  If you know of similar organizations, please forward the information to postmaster@christianspiritualisttemple.org

Life Care Alliance

This alliance provides a very wide range of services to
senior citizens, the chronically ill, and the economically
disadvantaged.  Their services include:


1699 W Mound St.
Columbus, OH 43223


Foundation Cancer Wellness Program
McConnell Heart Health CenterRiverside

8 week program of exercise, education & peer support. 
Meets twice per week for eight weeks for 1-2 hours.
Enrollment and assessment cost is $50, with scholarships
available on an as needed basis.  For further information

please call Laura Leach  at 614-566-3880 (lleach2@ohiohealth.com)
or Amy Kleski at 614-566-3920 (akleski2@ohiohealth.com).



Christians Overcoming Cancer
This is a Columbus-based organization that takes
501c contributions and distributes the money to help
people with cancer pay day-to-day expenses.

Cleaning for a Reason  
This is a free service from licensed cleaning services
for those people that are undergoing chemotherapy.
This is an organized effort across the USA and Canada.
Let anyone you know that is undergoing treatment
that they should check out this link.