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For Kids


This space is actually for anyone.  It will feature things of interest to everyone, with emphasis on children, their accomplishments, and their inspirations.  We are all better off if we think like children.  They have more wonder, more joy, and more hope.  Regain your childishness to reclaim your soul.

Tina Turner and children friends sing Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu (Peace MantraTina Turner leads a group of children from many backgrounds to send for world peace. 

Feeling Good Today by Snatam Kaur - music for children.  This is a powerful message to help build self-esteem for children.  Buy the album to support the continued work by Snatam Kaur.  She is special.

Baby giraffe enjoys freedom

Redemption Song – Playing for Change – Songs Around the World

One Love – Playing for Change – Songs Around the World

Snatam Kaur - Feeling Good Today - Mantras for Children

Childhood Afirmations - Snatam Kaur

Snatam Kaur - The Sun Shines on Everyone
Snatam Kaur and a children's chorus sing this inspiring song.

Snatam Kaur - I am the light of my soul.

Kids show True Colors to illustrate tolerance for those that are different, but still the same.

The Amazing Child without Limits - she never said "I can't".  This story that has amazing events guided by divine intervention.  Her story is as amazing as she is.

Little girl's message about her special brother.

Kids comment on mixed family Cheerios commercial

America the Beautiful sung in Cherokee language

Children's Landfill Orchestra - recycled instruments give meaning to life living at the dump.

Dog swimming with Dolphin

Evian - Transformation adults to kids (great commercial)

Where is the Octopus?  Wonderful explanation of the ability to change shape and appearance.

This is Einstein (the parrot)
Einstein responds to voice commands and can imitate other animal sounds.

BBC Chain Experiment - physics shows the unusual response of a chain
when the lead end is going down causing the rest of the chain to go up.

Somewhere over the rainbow by IZ

Namaste sung by mother and son (1:33)

Guyland - 7 year old accordion player gets instruction from deceased grandfather.

Guyland Ludet - playing like he is all grown up.

Kids design project for International Space Station
What happens when you wring a wet cloth in space?

A pep talk from Kid President to you

Baby laughing at dog eating popcorn

Healing the Inner Child

Skype Laughter Chain
This starts with a baby laughing and continues from person to person.

The Beauty of Pollination

The Pitbull and the Kitten
A not so scary video

Woman and Shark
She feeds the shark from her hand.

Cat gives sleeping Pug a massage

Dr, Wayne Dyer discusses his new children's book
and the power of the words "I am"

The Size of the Universe
This puts things into a simple perspective that we are probably not the only beings in the Universe.

A Dog, A Cat and a Rat
This is an example of coexistence

The Man, The Lioness and Her Cubs
An amazing trust and interaction of a zookeeper
and a lioness with cubs.  Don't try this!.

Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Places You'll Go
This is a great guide to life's UPS and downs.

Snatam Kaur - The Sun Shines on Everyone
This is a beautiful song with beautiful children from
all over the world.

Box Monster
Some fun moments for adults walking down a street.

Baby hearing mother's voice for 1st time.
This is a test of a cochlear implant on an
8 month old baby.  We take these things
for granted.